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Brake maintenance vs brake repairs

Brake repairs are what many people think about when it comes to being safe, but focusing on brake maintenance is much more vital to your safety. Maintaining your brakes means not waiting until they need repairs or you find they are not up to the task of stopping you safely in an emergency situation.

Brake repairs is what many people tend to ponder when it comes to being safe on the roads, but focusing on regular brake maintenance is much more important to your overall safety. Maintaining your brakes means not waiting until they need repairs but having them checked on a regular basis to help avoid any unseen or unexpected problems which might impact your ability to brake safely and efficiently should the need arise.

When it comes to Brake Maintenance, you should never take a risk. If you're not sure if your brake maintenance is 100% - call a professional like Topline Automotive Services today.

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It is important to remember that unusual brake sounds are not only caused by normal wear and any unusual noises anywhere in your car should always be investigated by a qualified professional mechanic.

Brake Maintenance - Brake Pads

Some things are best left to experienced mechanics and this is one of them. You should never let anyone but a qualified professional touch something as key to your safety as your braking system.

Your brake pads are a vital part of your braking system and they are a part that should never be overlooked. Brake pads compress against your brake rotors to create friction and this friction makes your car stop. Which means hard work for your brake pads every time you stop. The force necessary to halt a moving vehicle is massive and gives off a lot of heat which wears down the brake pads over time. This is why regular inspection and/or replacement of your brake pads is an integral part of good brake maintenance practices.

If your brakes squeal - that can be a sign that your brake pads are wearing out; many pads have a small metal piece implanted in them which scrapes on the disc when your brake pads are wearing out, causing that high pitch noise. However, this doesn't indicate that you should wait until you hear noises to get your pads looked at, we recommend having your brakes inspected at every service.

Brake Pads can last for anywhere between 15,000 to 70,000 km's. This changes according to a number of reasons such as; driving conditions and style, regular heavy loads. If your brake pads are wearing out ahead of time your mechanic might advise using a heat resistant or heavier duty brake pad more suited to your vehicle.

At Topline Automotive Services we offer a free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report with every car service. As part of our Vehicle Inspection Report we inspect the brake pads for wear and will tell you if they want replacing. We can also advise the right pad for your environment and driving style.

Brake Maintenance - Flushing

Aside form providing the pressure needed by the brake pads to stop your car, Brake fluid also helps prolong the lifespan of your various brake components by helping to prevent corrosion. Most people know that it is imperative to keep the brake fluid level topped up, but did you know that you should also have the entire system flushed regularly to replace old brake fluid and prevent excessive moisture in the fluid?

Moisture accumulates in the brake fluid and it's not always noticeable in a visual inspection. Moisture in the fluid increases the chance the fluid will boil, which could result in a loss of braking pressure. A brake fluid flush can be done as part of a scheduled service - but sometimes we may suggest you need one outside of a regular schedule if we feel it's necessary. We are always happy to discuss the reasons why with you.

Topline Automotive Services are qualified to perform a wide range of brake services and repairs using quality parts, all covered by our nationwide warranty.

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Drums
  • Brake Calipers
  • Brake Rotors
  • Brake Hoses/Clips/Springs
  • Wheel Cylinders
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Master Cylinders
  • Brake Flushing

At Topline Automotive Services we offer a full 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report, upon request, with every full car service which includes a written review of your brake fluid, master cylinder, front and back discs and pads, calipers and cylinders and more. This Vehicle Inspection Report lets you know if there is immediate or future need for repairs to your vehicle allowing you to budget in advance.

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